Athena Training Solutions specializes in Leadership and Professionalism classes, Advanced Body Language Techniques, Interviews and Interrogations.



We offer advanced body language techniques classes designed to train law enforcement officers and others who conduct interviews in the detection of deception on the part of subjects, suspects, victims and witnesses.  By studying body language, verbal and non-verbal communication cues, class participants identify "tells" and observe techniques used by law enforcement interviewers to solicit information and confessions. Course title is: "Liar Liar Face on Fire!"


Registration is open to all sworn law enforcement personnel and to non-sworn investigators, inspectors and members of government who routinely conduct interrogations, investigations or interviews or who hear testimony.  Occasionally classes are open to investigators and compliance officers from the private sector.


Customized classes are available for all levels of government and for some private sector industries.


non-verbal communicationNon-verbal communication is studied by body part.  Clusters of non-verbal and verbal communication cues are analyzed and compared to what would be expected in a given set of circumstances.


June 4, 2015

Daytona State College

Daytona Beach, FL



Liar Liar Face on Fire!

Detecting Deception in

Subjects, Suspects, Victims & Witnesses

New in 2015!

Liar Liar Face on Fire has been updated!

Portions of the Interviewing Losers, Liars and Law Abiding Citizens class have been incorporated into the updated Liar Liar class. Class participants are provided the opportunity to study videos of actual police and polygraph interviews, most never published, and to observe techniques used by interviewers to solicit information and confessions.